Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating is the art of creating beautiful spaces that are uniquely designed for you.  

Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating is the process of creating or transforming a space to achieve not only a “look” but a “feel”.  Beginning with a consultation to discuss your needs, lifestyle and personal taste, Bella Home Interiors  will create a plan of action to take your concepts and visions and make them a reality!  This process may include a room layout, furniture selection, colors, window treatments and accessorizing. 

Initial Consultation – $200 (up to 1.5 hours) – $95/hour thereafter


Redesign – AKA “One Day Decorating”

Redesign, also known as One Day Decorating, is a wonderful decorating solution for the client who is happy with what they have but not the overall look or feel of the room.  Utilizing the art of placement, lighting, artwork and accessories, a beautiful, exciting new space is created.  The process begins with a quick “look-see” of the space you want to transform, discuss how you use the space and the look you want to achieve.  We then schedule a time to come back and transform your space.  Our redesigns are typically completed in just a few hours and part of the fun is the element of surprise, so we ask you to busy yourself while we work to transform your space.  Our pleasure is the “HGTV moment” experienced when you come home to a breathtaking new room!  

One-Day Interior ReDesigns typically range from $300-500 per room (less than the price of a new chair!)

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