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November 2022 - Part 2: Holiday Home Edition - How to Gift Home Decor

The holidays have officially begun! Many of us have made our lists of who, what, when and where to buy. Quite often, gift giving can be easy, we know the people in our lives, their likes, dislikes, etc. Deciding on what gift to give usually isn’t too difficult, but every now and then, we run into a snag. Whether it be because someone is tough to buy for, or because we just don’t know what they may want, there’s always a fail safe! Gifting home decor is not only thoughtful, but you’re adding to someone’s home. What’s more comforting than that? Whether the person you’re buying for needs something specific for their home, or you just plain don’t know what to get them - either way, the gift of home decor is the gift that keeps on giving! Here’s our How To Guide for Gifting Home Decor!

Step 1: Be sure to have a sense of their style before you buy. Don’t go blindly into buying for someone’s home without at least knowing what design style they lean towards. (If you don’t know and can’t find out, we’ll touch on that in a minute). Determine which retailer or business offers the best for that style and start there. Here’s a list of some current popular design styles and the best national retailers to find them!

Step 2: Know what they need and don’t need in their home! There’s no sense in buying someone a lovely throw blanket when they have a whole basket of them already. (Again, if you don’t know and can’t find out, we’ll talk about that next). When you visit their home, take note of the things that could be replaced, updated or that they’re missing. Keep an ear out for items they mention in conversation that they’ve been eyeing up or wanting to buy for themselves. Paying attention to what’s really needed or wanted adds to the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Step 3: Start shopping!

Now, of course, you may have plenty of family and friends to shop for, maybe you don’t know what everyone wants, maybe you don’t have time to figure it out. The holidays are a busy time and there’s lots to do. So we’ve compiled a list of the top home decor ideas that will fit anyone’s needs and lifestyle. And better yet, any of these items can easily be found online or at any of your local shops! We’ve even linked our list to great online stores to buy from for easy shopping!

Holiday shopping does not need to be stressful, it should bring you just as much joy as those receiving your gifts will feel! Follow our easy steps and take the worry out of the process. When you buy for someone’s home, you’re giving them something that will bring love and warmth into their daily life. They’ll think of your thoughtfulness everytime they enjoy lighting the candle, watering their plant, fixing their hair in that mirror or putting fresh flowers in their new vase.

If you don’t want to do the home decor shopping for them, you can always give them the gift of their very own personal home designer! Bella Home Interiors offers Designer By Your Side and Styling services. Contact us to find out more. Happy Holidays!

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