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December 2022 - Ready Your Home to Ring in the New Year ! Helpful Ideas to Welcome 2023

Updated: May 30, 2023

Another year has come and gone! Inviting a new year into our lives and homes can often feel exciting but also overwhelming. We make resolutions, think about new beginnings, reflect on the year we’re leaving, and hope for a bright future. But what about getting our homes ready to ring in the New Year? The home is our safe space, our oasis. Shouldn’t we get it prepared to receive another year as well? Of course we should! Let’s talk about the helpful ways to prepare our homes, heads and hearts to welcome 2023!

A good clean and purge is essential. Removing clutter, unused items through your home, and a thorough cleaning is an excellent way to bring in a fresh feel. Use lemon or citrus cleaning products for their purifying qualities. They disinfect, cut grease and are a natural stress reducer! Go through each room of your house and get rid of anything that you no longer use, brings no value to your life, or is broken or expired. There’s no need to hold on to things that serve no purpose going into the new year.

  • Yellow for optimism

  • Gold for prosperity

  • Black for discipline and elegance

  • Red for passions and a stimulated mind

Windows! Wash and open them. Even in these cold winter months, it’s important to open our windows and let in fresh air. Stagnant air can cause skin irritation, headaches, fatigue and can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues. Throughout the winter, we tend to keep our windows closed up tight to stay warm, but it’s necessary to open them up and let the fresh air flow through the home, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Cleaning our windows is equally as important, especially coming into the new year, feng shui dictates that broken or dirty windows cloud your view of the outside world, leading you to have trouble seeing things as they are.

Introduce some new plants into your home. Even if you don’t have a greenthumb, there’s plenty of options out there for low maintenance and easy to care for houseplants. Having plants indoors with you improves air quality and the smell of soil boosts serotonin. Who doesn’t want a natural way to improve your physical and mental health to kick off 2023! Moreover, it will help positive energy to enter and flow around your home. That way you will have a harmonious and balanced environment.

Make a list of all updates, repairs and renovations you want to accomplish for your home in 2023. Determine a budget for each of these items and then prioritize the list and give yourself a timeline for each task. Breaking these things down in a manageable list will be less overwhelming to look at, but also be more productive.

2023 is upon us and with a well prepared home to welcome it, it’ll be smooth sailing into the new year. Let the well-being of your home be a New Year’s Resolution!

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