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The BHI Review - Stores and Suppliers, An Assessment of the Best

We all love shopping for our homes and making them beautiful. But, we don't always know who's who, what's what and where's the best of the best. BHI KNOWS! And we're not going to keep our secrets. As experts in the industry, we know all about the good, the bad and the in between, and we're here to tell you all about them.

When we are shopping, having an organized inventory to shop from is the easiest and best method. We like to know what department, what aisle, what link to click, to find what we’re looking for. And so, we’ll approach our review much the same. Organized and categorized. This can become your master list to reference for public retailers for whenever you’re ready to add to your home. However, keep in mind that there’s so many more suppliers and vendors that only sell to trade accounts, and only your local Interior Designer, like Bella Home Interiors, has access to them. So when you’re ready to take your home to the next level, make an appointment with BHI for your design consultation!

Category #1 - Best Quality

Category #2 - Best Variety

  • Uttermost - good design means nothing without quality manufacturing. And Uttermost holds the top spot for not only providing quality but variety! More than just furniture, you can find art, mirrors, lighting, rugs, accessories, mirrors, wall decor and clocks. Elegant and modern design with a timeless twist makes this company the go to for everything.

  • Ikea - they have it all! And a seemingly endless supply of it, plus a never-ending store to wander in for hours. Ikea may not fall into the “top quality” ideal, but you can build, furnish, accessorize, decorate, light, and finish any type of room or area you need to and in a million different ways. Their designs are versatile and seldom go out of style. It doesn’t matter if you need a whole new bedroom set or simply a new set of utensils and spice racks, you will always find exactly what you need and more in this iconic store

  • HomeGoods - you didn’t think we’d leave them out, did you? How could we not include one of the best known, most widely shopped household names for all your home’s needs? Variety is their middle name! There’s something for every area of your home inside and out PLUS any seasonal decor you might need. The best part of HomeGoods is that it’s ever changing, their products and styles are always updating. Give yourself plenty of time to browse here, because there’s more than enough to choose from!

Category #3 - Best Cost Effective Options

There you have it, The BHI Review! We love letting you in on our secrets, but we love designing your homes for you even more! Anyone can spend a day in Pottery Barn, HomeGoods or West Elm, but not everyone has trade access to some of the really incredible brands such as:

  • Alder and Tweed

  • Hekman

  • Paragon

  • AD Decor

  • Mercana

  • Eastern Accents

  • Anne Selke Rugs

  • Vahallen

  • Schonbeck Lighting

Bella Home Interiors specializes in all those brands and more and can bring them into your home. Our BHI Review master list will make your house a home, but Bella Home Interiors can elevate your home into an oasis! Visit our website to schedule your appointment!

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