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February 2022 - Decorative Accessories That Invigorate Your Home

Furnishing your home isn’t just about the major pieces for each room, accessorizing is the moment when a space reaches its full potential. Decorative accessories come in all different forms and have the ability to really make a statement. Let’s look at the most impactful (and sometimes underestimated) accessories that will invigorate your home and provide layers of style!

A few of the more widely used accessories are wall art and mirrors, both of which can be used to fill out a large wall. Wall art can provide more color to a space while mirrors can be utilized to make a room feel bigger. The trick is to get creative with your selections. Choose a mirror with an elaborate frame or a funky shape. Support local artists and shop small for your wall art, their work is unique and usually one of a kind, this also adds an element of connection in your home and makes for a great conversation starter.

Plants, plants, plants! A sturdy floor plant can breathe new life into a room, quite literally. Aside from adding a natural feel, many house plants provide benefits such as improving indoor air quality, reducing stress levels and boosting productivity. Having some green in your home can never hurt and there are plenty of options that are low maintenance and easy to take care of. Visit your local nursery and ask for some pointers on which to choose.

Coffee table trays are great for so many reasons. Let’s talk about a few of them! Trays offer up easy organization, they keep your coffee table or ottoman neat while looking elegant. Tuck the remotes and coasters into the tray and add your favorite book or a nice small vase with fresh flowers. Trays are also a great chance to add extra style to the room, they’re available in a variety of sizes and finishes, choose one that pops against the surface it sits on. They’re also a great spot to create vignettes, which we’ll talk about soon, so keep reading. A nice coffee table tray brings another layer to the room that is small but packs a big punch!

Books and bookends, timeless, classic. We all have books, right? At least a few. Maybe some are treasured, ones you haven’t read yet, or ones you don’t quite know what to do with. Don’t stash them away on a bookshelf, use them to accessorize. Group by color or genre, play with stacking the sizes. Use 3-5 books together, lay them on their side and top them off with a nice trinket or a photo. Pairing books with a decorative globe or, the ever ageless hourglass sand timer is a beautiful way to fashion a fireplace mantle of sofa table. And don’t forget the option of using bookends, there’s an abundance of options to choose from to fit any design taste.

Vases, jars and bottles, you just can’t ever go wrong with adding a few of these throughout your spaces. They’re great for adding height and pulling focus. And of course, for adding some plants and flowers to your home. Thrift shops and antique stores are the perfect places to hunt for a wide variety and selection.

Creating vignettes can add character and tell stories throughout your home. When designing your vignettes, consider arranging items with similar colors and themes and mix it up with shapes and heights. Try to keep your groupings to no more than 4-6 items, we want vignettes, not clutter. Use pieces that speak to you on a personal level, but don’t be afraid to add something that’s unique or imaginative.

There’s a few do’s and don’t to accessorizing your spaces. Follow a few guidelines and the process will be easy! Do apply balance, weight and scale. Understand that the visual weight of accessories should be consistent throughout a room. Don’t depend on chain stores for all of your accessories, try to shop small and local. This allows you to have more unique items in your home and support your community. Do make use of a variety of colors, patterns and the types of accessories you’re using, mix it up and make it your own!

Accessorizing your home should be fun and exciting, but not everyone has an eye for design. Bella Home Interiors offers services such as Designer By Your Side and One Day Decorating to bring the designer’s eye and expertise into pulling your spaces together. Schedule a consultation and learn more about how to invigorate your home!

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