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July 2022 - The Hot and the Not - Interior Design Trends of 2022

Design trends are more than just what’s in at the current time. They are a product of the ever changing society amongst us. Influenced by culture, economy, fashion, housing markets and politics, interior design has a diverse evolution. What’s important to understand is that the look and feel of your home play a large role in your psychological and emotional well-being, so bringing the right trends into your home is crucial. Not every style works for every home and person. After such a drastic change in how we live and work due to the previous years’ events, how we function in our homes looks very different. So, let’s look at what’s hot and what’s not for 2022 and talk about how these trends can improve your quality of life within your walls!

With all that 2020 and 2021 brought to our awareness and the levels of stress brought on by them, we are now seeking more comfort, peace and ease. Biophilic design creates a connection between humans and nature by blending the lines of interior and exterior. Natural and raw materials such as sisal, rattan and hemp provide that earthy feel indoors. We've seen an increase in house plant decor to improve air quality and add the greenery we so need to breathe life back into our exhausted souls. Neutral color palettes add to the ambiance and tranquility.

A need for excitement and beauty has created a resurgence of patterns! If they're used correctly, patterns can create a perfect level of visual balance and can transform a room into a piece of artwork. Some patterns to keep an eye out for in 2022 and moving forward include:

Possibly the most pronounced design trend that's been on the rise and solidified its stay in 2022 is dual purpose rooms. We spend much more time in our homes now with many still working remotely or in a hybrid capacity. Our spare bedrooms have been converted to home offices, the kitchen table doubles as our conference room, the living room serves as the central hub and w where you lounge while responding to emails. Our children's rooms often act as the backup classroom and the basement or garage is the new gym. Regardless of how you use the spaces in your home, you're using them much more than in the years preceding 2020/2021 and most have welcomed this unexpected shift. Look for the furniture that will serve double duty and add accessories to your rooms that create ease in the transition from one use to the next.

With the return of traditional styles, we'll start setting the ultra modern decor and open floor plans fading away. The home should be comfortable, welcoming and a place for solace. Open space planning doesn't allow for privacy from those you live with and the starkness of the "clean" aesthetic doesn't allow for the warmth a home needs.

Boxy furniture has seen it's better days, keep an eye out for curving and rounded furniture, adding a soothing flow to a room. Fast furniture is a thing of the past, with the multifunctionality of our rooms, we need quality pieces that can serve steadfast and daily. Form following function will become a priority in our design and living needs once again.

Purpose and fulfillment have become paramount in our worlds today and our spaces should reflect that. Applying the 2022 design trends, the hot and the not will allow you to live and feel your best going into this new era. Bella Home Interiors will compose your home to create a fresh, updated 2022 experience, schedule an appointment!

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