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May 2022 - Summertime Styles! The Best of: Shorehouse Design Ideas

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is the official kick off of the summer season and beach days! We flock to the shore to enjoy our summer getaways, whether we own or rent. When we vacation, we want to enjoy our surroundings to the max and that includes the interior of our warm weather home! For the owners, maybe you’re considering upgrading and re-doing your space this season. For the renters, you’re on the lookout for the house that feels just right for you. To assist, we’ve compiled a list! Here’s the Best of: Shorehouse Design Ideas…

  • Coastal - characterized by the reflection of natural seaside elements—surf, sand, and sky—in the home through color and texture, to create a soothing ambiance. When using the coastal design style, you want to make sure nothing is overwhelming, the atmosphere should be easy-going, just like the beach.

    • Neutrals, whites and warm whites

    • Incorporate jewel tones to emulate the colors of the water, sky and sea life

    • Clean lines and layers

    • Textured rugs, glass elements and breezy fabrics

  • Seaside Chic - this style begins with similar foundations as Coastal, but adds a modern twist to it. Bring in some updated furniture pieces with a touch of rattan and some sisal rugs. Keep it light and airy. Skip the clutter of seashell trinkets and instead display local artists’ seaside landscape paintings!

  • Beach Cottage - think farmhouse style with a touch of the ocean. Earthy romance can be achieved using antique and wicker furnishings, strong fixtures and decorative lighting elements in metals such as golds and bronzes. Slight pops of muted blues amongst neutrals will enhance the cottage feel. Go for fresh finishes + vintage charm to accomplish that cozy beach cottage vibe.

  • Maritime Warmth - some might want to call it a “nautical theme”, but let’s take it up a notch and make it a bit more mature and classy! There’s a timelessness to a ship captain’s coat, the deep navy, gold and brass. Using these colors as your base, add in some texture with rope and jute decorative details. The anchor holds strength in its charcoal/black metal finish, use this in your table bases and kitchen fixtures. Weathered textures and driftwood will complete the look.

  • Boho by the Beach - this decor is super easy! Just take the neutral palette, clean line and layers and breezy fabrics from Coastal style, add in plenty of rattan and wicker furniture and light fixtures, bring in some rugs with ethnic motifs and patterns, and add in a healthy dose of green! Easy peasy, you have Boho by the Beach!

We’ve talked about the best of the best design styles to consider for your shorehouse or wherever you getaway for awhile near the water. There’s also a few important factors to add in and contemplate as well:

Being in a space that you love and enjoy will only add that much more to your time to relax and recoup during your vacation and getaway time this summer. Re-creating one of the styles on this list doesn’t need to be time consuming or stressful. Just take the peace and beauty of the outdoors and its elements and bring them inside, and you’ll have the best of both worlds!

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