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Vacation Homes - Designing for Family, Friends, Even Rental Guests!

Summertime is in full swing! We're all in vacation mode and we want to make the most out of it. While the warm weather has everyone enjoying the outdoors more, it's still important that we enjoy our vacation homes indoors just as much as we do relaxing at the beach. So join us this month to learn all about how to design the ideal vacation abode, whether it's for our family and friends or for the rental guests you may have!

Our vacation homes may be temporary dwellings but we still want them to feel like home. But how do we do this when we only spend part of our time there? There’s more ways than you might think! Who, What, Where, and When are the questions to start with:

  1. Who are you designing/decorating for? Is it family only? Will friends visit as well? Will this property serve as a rental to guests?

  2. What will you do in your vacation home? Is it just a place to eat, sleep and shower? Will it be for entertaining and enjoying the space in between other getaway activities? Realistically, how much time will be spent here?

  3. Where is your home located? Where are the best views from it? How much does the location dictate what can and can’t be done here?

  4. When are you visiting this vacation home? Primarily summer, winter, or year round?

Now let’s break each one down and talk about the HOW to best design based on the answers to those questions.

  • The Who

  • The What

  • The Where

    • Beach house? Winter ski cabin? Condo in your favorite city? Regardless of where your vacation home is located, it’s about making the best use of the location and ALSO choosing the best location. You’ll want to make the location choice wisely before purchasing. If you need a quiet retreat, choosing a home in a busy shore town isn’t your best bet. When choosing a winter location, be sure that you’ll have the means for transportation there and back depending on the weather. If you want to be close to your favorite city without the hassle of city living, choosing a suburb area on the edge of that city is ideal.

    • A great view! Many vacation homes come with a view and it’s something we want to accentuate. Design around it. Place furniture, kitchen islands, sitting areas, strategically to enjoy the view. Make it a focal point and a motivator for the areas around and in front of it. Don’t let a good view go to waste, it’s one of the best perks of having a vacation home!

  • The When

    • Depending on the time of year you plan to use this property the most can dictate a lot about the design. For instance, if you have that great view, through a big window with direct sunlight, but you only use the home half the year or for one season, be sure to have good blinds or curtains to close it up while you’re gone. Long term sun exposure can damage certain fabrics and finishes.

    • Keep your vacation home stocked with necessary accessories and tools that are weather appropriate. While most wouldn’t think of winterizing a home on a mountain top is design related, without proper measures taken for the weather, the design of your home could suffer from things such as flooding, frozen/bursting pipes, etc. You don’t want to have to have stressful situations occur in your vacation home but it’s better to be prepared for them. When you DON’T use your getaway is just as important to consider as when you do use it.

Well, there you have it! The ultimate vacation home design guide. But this is only the start. Just like our everyday homes, there’s so many things to consider when designing our living spaces. Whether they’re permanent or temporary, we want them to look and feel like home, to provide the enjoyment and comfort we need. Bella Home Interiors realizes your design dreams and considers all the factors that are needed to guide you through your design journey! Make an appointment today for your design consultation!

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